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Mediya is a famous trading city founded near huge ore deposits at the Black Desert border. This city occupies strategic position on the crossroads of most profitable trading routes. No wonder the city is full of merchant and different traders. They bring rare goods from eastern Valencia into western cities – Calpheon, Serendiya and Balenos. They also supply Valencia with western goods including rare weapon and armor made from special steel. Traders from Mediya had one secret: they knew secret path through the Black Desert to Valencia and they kept this secret from others.

Many years ago trades founded strange black crystals. They were not clever enough to find out real value of these crystals themselves, and they took some to Valencia. They sold these crystals to Mansur - young Alchemist. He spent a lot of time researching them and trying to find out their secrets. After several years of research he finally discovered real power of the crystals. As soon as he found out that these crystals are full of mighty energy he told this to Alhazred, head ruler of Valencia.

Alchemist Mansur became core counselor and mage of Valencia. He could convince Alhazred that black crystals are absolutely safe and can give him great powers. Though the ruler didn’t like the idea of using black crystals his ambitions made him to agree with mage.

Black Stone

After mage got the agreement he started merging crystals, but after several attempts he realized that he needs help. He asked Syraj to help him. Syraj was a banished mage and Mansur had to ask ruler to allow Syraj to return.

After Syraj arrived he started to work with Mansur. Both mages worked a lot and finally could merge all crystals into one Dark Stone. Even a simple farmer could see that this stone was full of dark energy. When Alhazred saw the dark stone he was caught by its power.

Many years had passed since that time but Alhazred was not satisfied with his power. He started to think about conquering mythic continent Selenayer. They say this continent is full of different riches. Mediya was on the road to this continent…

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