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Horse is one of the most popular and useful mounts in the game. That’s because you can level this mount in several different ways: you can level it as a combat mount or as mount for commerce. Combat mount will help you in battle with his special attacking abilities. Commercial mount will help you to transport more goods for trading.

Moreover, any horse allows you to move faster. There are no fast travel options in the game and a mount will help you a lot.

List of Horses

Health Stamina Cargo Speed Sprint Maneuver Braking
1555 3081 202 101% 101% 104.5% 104.5%
1540 3121 203 103% 103% 103% 103%
1565 3161 205 107.5% 107.5% 104.5% 104.5%
1565 3161 205 107.5% 107.5% 104.5% 104.5%
1595 3201 205 104.5% 104.5% 107.5% 107.5%
1595 3201 205 104.5% 104.5% 107.5% 107.5%
1605 3161 207 110.5% 110.5% 107.5% 107.5%
1635 3201 206 107.5% 107.5% 110.5% 110.5%
1650 3281 207 106% 106% 112% 112%
1675 3441 211 110.5% 110.5% 113.5% 113.5%
1655 3061 213 119.5% 119.5% 110.5% 110.5%

Where do you get a horse?

Your first mount in Black Desert is donkey. You can get it for free as a reward in special quest. But donkey is not the fastest and the strongest mount in the game. Horse is much better: it moves faster and carries more cargo. Getting this amazing mount becomes your general task at the middle stages of the game.

There are 2 ways to get a horse: you can either purchase or catch it. Purchasing a mount is a pretty standard procedure in any MMO game. But Black desert allows you not only buy but also tame it yourself. You may have seen herds of wild horses in the game. These herds are not just decorations…


First of all you need to purchase a special lasso from the stabler NPC. We recommend to purchase 5-7 lassos per 1 horse if you don't know how to use it. Each catching attempt consumes 1 lasso and you will have to do several attempts. You also need to purchase several carrots from the stabler NPC in order to feed the mount.

You need to have at least 20th level to be able to tame. If your level is lower you will not be able to use lasso.

The second step is to find a horse herd. It is better to look at plains and valleys. You will not be able to find herds in desserts. Try to search not far from big cities.

After the herd is found use your lasso, aim for the horse and click left mouse button. Lasso will be thrown and the minigame will begin.

Winning Minigame

You will have to press space bar as fast as you can for 10 seconds. A horse will try to escape during this time. There will be a special indicator of your progress. Don’t allow indicator to cross the middle mark when the first round ends, or you will fail and will have to use lasso again.

You will be allowed to approach your "victim" if you succeed. You will be allowed to aproach it a little and the minigame will start again.

The mini game is very dynamic and will require fast reaction. You will have to repeat this several times until you approach the horse. You will be able to feed it with carrot and try to mount.

Horse Taming Minigame

Your success in minigame is not a guarantee of successful attempt. Your horse may run away when you try to mount it. You will have to repeat everything once again and use another lasso. Repeat this again and again until you mount the desired horse.

Don’t forget to feed horse with carrot after every minigame before the attempt to mount it. This may help you to succeed faster.

Registering in Stable

Ride to the stable after you finally mount your horse. Dismount near the NPC and register your new horse. You will be asked to give it a name. After you have registered it you will be able to use it anytime.

Adding a Horse

Taming vs Purchasing

What’s better: to catch or to buy? Well, each variant has its pros and cons.

Criteria Purchasing Taming
Cost Purchasing is very expensive. The cheapest horse without any skills will cost you about 40 000 gold. Taming is much cheaper (if you know how to do it). One lasso costs about 1500 gold. Carrot is also cheap. You will need about 4 lassos to catch 1 horse = 6000 gold.
Probability of Success 100% success. You give money and receive a horse in return. Not 100% guaranteed. You may spend a lot of lassos if you don’t know how to catch.
Fun - Very interesting. You will have a lot of fun and will get new experience.
Potential Profits - Great potential for making money. It’s possible to sell horses through the auction.

As you see catching horses is a great in-game opportunity. You may get a horse at a relatively low cost, have fun and even start your own business. Business is always risky but if you master the process you will be able to earn extra gold. My choice is to give it a try! What’s yours?

Leveling and Skills

A player can own multiple mounts at the same time but can use only one. Each horse has its level and levels up independently from others. It receives experience every time you ride it and spend stamina. When it levels up, it receives additional health, stamina and new skills. Level of your mount affects the number of abilities you can use.

Different types of horses have different skills. Some can be without any skills at all. For example, you can purchase the cheapest horse from stable, but it doesn’t have any special abilities. You will have to pay more for getting a mount with skills.

Every new horse you breed or purchase has only 1 skill. This skill is basic and random. You can’t change this skill later. New skills can be obtained through leveling. The skills your mount gets with new levels are also random. But you can change them by using special item. You can purchase this item and use it in order to change skills. Note, new skills will also be given randomly.

Some breeds of horses receive skills faster than others.

There are 16 different horse skills in Black Desert but each mount has only couple of them. If you want to get a mount with particular skills you will have to search.

If your horse was purchased not long ago you will have to train it. Sometimes when you activate a skill, it may not be activated immediately. You will see a minigame instead. If you win this minigame your character will get some experience in managing the horse.

Horse Training

The more you use definite skill and win minigame when it is required, the lower the chance to see this minigame once again upon skill activation. Finally, after several winnings, you will master the skill and will be able to use it without any interrupts. It is highly recommended to train horse a lot in the beginning.

Armor and other Gear

Your mount must be geared up if you want it to be strong and useful in battle. Special gear allows you to unlock extra abilities and powers.

  • Saddle allows to get maximum speed boost
  • Stirrup allow to fight sitting on your mount
  • Helmet allows to knock down enemies
  • Horseshoe give extra stamina and if your horse has the best horseshoe it gets extra speed.

As you see gear is very important.

Horse Taming Minigame

There will be great variety of different horse armor in Black Desert. There are different ways to get this armor. You can purchase it in stable, but you will have to become a friend of the stableman first. Some stablemen from big cities can offer you rare armor. It’s great but will require more efforts.

It’s also possible to craft horse armor but you will need knowledge for this.

Horse Breeding

Black Desert allows player to breed horses. First of all you need to get 1 female horse with some "breeding" points left. Then you need to get a male one. You can buy it, tame or use breeding market.

Yes guys, there is a special breeding market where a male horse can be registered and other players can use it for breeding after paying fee. Only male horses can be registered there. This may become great business for some players.

You will have to wait before you see the result of breeding. It usually takes about 2.5 hours. After the time comes you may take your new horse. Gender and the first skill of this new mount will be set randomly. They say best horses can be obtained from breeding only.

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    Loving all this Horse information. Here linking you another one I think You missed. Great job!!!
    1. FriggaWitch 24 february 2016, 19:16 # 0
      When my Horse hit lvl 11 there was a skill window that had a bunch of skills in it as well as the already learned skill Quick Off which worked great, jumping off my horse with weapon drawn. What I am wondering is each of these other skills had a button reading «HOPE» on it although they didn't seem to function does anyone know how these work?
      1. elgos_grymm 29 september 2016, 14:27 # 0
        Hope is for when you want to change a skill. To do so you have to buy the cash shop item 'Horse skill change coupon' for 200 pearls on NA/EU — no idea how much on Korean. You then select the skill you want to change to using the Hope button and click change skill on the skill you want to change — there is some RNG involved with a system similar to fs (no need to build them up beforehand though) but after between 1-4 tries you should get the skill you selected hope for, rather than just a random skill.
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