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Quests are one of the most interesting ways to level up in Black Desert Online. There are a lot of different objectives that reward player with gold, experience and items. Find out everything about questing.
Horse is one of the most popular mounts in Black Desert. You can get it by either purchasing or taming. Taming a horse will require lassos, carrots and patience. All your mounts have levels and skills. This guide will tell…
Trading in Black Desert is similar to what you see in real life. It’s a risky business where you buy and sell different goods in different places. This guide will tell you everything about commerce in BD.
There are different mounts in Black Desert Online. They will help you to travel faster, deliver goods and fight. Every mount has its level, characteristics and skills.
This guide will tell you everything about sieges in Black Desert Online. Castle allows guild to set taxes and collect money. That’s why every guild wants to control castle or territory.
Crafting allows to produce different items from Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Jewel Crafting, Alchemy and Cooking. House and workers play very important role in production process. This guide will tell you all information about…
Housing is one of the core features in Black Desert. Houses play important role in the economy. Crafters can place special crafting stations there. The number of avaliable buildings is limited and players have to rent them.
Many game fans tell that Black Desert has the best character creation system! It allows to create very attractive models and tweak almost everything you wish. The level of details is incredible.
In Black Desert Online you can communicate with NPCs and increase or decrease level of their trust. This is called “Intimacy system”. If the character trusts you he can give you extra rewards, quests and many other interesting…
All PvP fights in Black Desert take place in open world. Players can attack each other any time almost everywhere. Fights are dynamic and interesting. You can even take the loot of defeated enemy!
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