Fighter - Description and Skills

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Fighter Class

Fighter is a melee warrior / tank archetype in Black Desert. It’s a warrior with sword and shield who fights and protects his allies. Fighter is a male hero meaning you can’t create female sword and shield character. You can choose this class if you play as a human.

  • Gender: Male
  • Archetype: Tank
  • Race: Human

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The appearance of the class is traditional: he wears heavy armor and this allows him to resist damage much better than Ranger. As he belongs to Human race his body is not very Large. Giants for example are almost 2 times larger.

As you know there are 2 melee classes in the game right now: Fighter and Giant. The core difference between these classes is that Giant is a damage dealer in general, while Fighter is a tank. Playing a giant is like playing a crushing machine, he cuts monsters very fast. But he can’t protect his allies well enough.

The best usage for Fighter class is PvP battles where he protects allies. Black Desert allows several Fighters to stay close to each other holding their shields and making a shield wall like ancient Vikings. This shield wall protects those who are behind. It’s one of the best tactics in the game. Ranged Damage Dealers stay behind and attack enemies, while Fighters are protecting Damage Dealers.


Of course the most important skill of the class is the possibility to make shield wall. No other class in the game can do it. But it’s not the only ability. Fighter can attack enemies with his shield using different bashes and attacks.

If you want to be a Tank in Black Desert, Fighter class is definitely for you. There is no class who can protect allies better than him.

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