Giant - Description and Skills

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Giant Class

Giant is a tank / melee damage dealer archetype in Black Desert. It’s a melee fighter with dual wield axes who fights face to face with enemies. You should know that there is only male Giant and developers are not going to add a female “version” of this class. So you can be only male. You can also chose this class if you belong to Giant race only.

  • Gender: Male
  • Archetype: Warrior / Tank
  • Race: Giant

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The appearance of the class really impresses. He has huge body and he is almost two times bigger than human. His appearance is associated with big rock because of his brutal appearance.

Giant has very big amount of Health and he is very strong. Such health pool and heavy armor makes this class much stronger in melee fights than Ranger or Sorcerer. This allows him to pull multiple mobs and crush them without big troubles. Actually, you can just pull a group of NPCs and crush them while they are hitting you! Ranger can’t do this and has to move a lot in order to survive, while Giant can just stay and fight taking damage all the time.

Such strength influences gameplay a lot. For example if you are a Sorcerer you have to move a lot in order not to be caught by enemies. Giant doesn’t have such problems. He can stay, crush enemies, knock them down and he can afford multiple enemies at the same time.


This class can be both melee damage dealer and tank. If you are playing in a group, Giant can protect Sorcerers and Rangers while they attack monsters from distance. But is Giant with dual wield axes better tank than Fighter with a shield? Well, if you compare Giant and Fighter classes, you will see that the first one is better for fighting against monsters, while the second one is a perfect tank in PvP because of shield. Giant can deal sufficient damage while Fighter can really protect allies from damage.


Some players think that it’s very funny to play as a Giant because of his interesting abilities. The class has several grab skills which allow him to grab enemies, jump with them and hit after landing. The grab skills work great in PvP – each grab knocks down enemy giving you time to perform extra attacks.

He looks angry most of the time and his skills are also looking great. For example he has an ability that allows jumping towards enemy and crushing him with both axes simultaneously. Such abilities make grinding process much more interesting.

In general Giant in Black desert is something between damage dealer and tank. The class is fun to play. If you prefer big and brutal characters this class is definitely for you.

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