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This Wiki page contains a lot of facts about different aspects of the game. If you know nothing about Black Desert you will find a lot of beneficial information about gameplay, crafting, housing and other gameplay areas. Note, that there are only quick facts here. If you would like to find detailed gameplay description, read articles and lore section of the website.

  • Genre: MMORPG
  • The development of the game was begun in 2010 by Korean game studios Pearl Abyss. Right now about 60 people are making the game. The Leader of Pearl Abyss is Kim Daeil – famous MMO developer in Korea.
  • US/EU Release Date: 2015
  • Model: depends on the publisher (in Korea and Russia – F2P)

System Requirements and Tech Details

  • Minimum System requirements: Intel Core i3; 4 GB RAM; GeForce GTS 250/Radeon HD 3870 X2, Windows 7
  • Recommended System requirements: Intel Core i5, 6 GB RAM; GeForce GTX 660 or better, Windows 7 x64.
  • Oculus Rift will probably be supported;
  • The game uses its own unique graphic engine called “Black Desert Engine”
  • There are no Linux and Mac versions
  • Developers said that the game will also be available on next-gen consoles: Xbox One и PlayStation 4
  • One game server holds about 10 000 +/- 3k players simultaneously.


  • The world of Black Desert is huge, without loading screens between locations.
  • There are public dungeons for solo or group playing.
  • There are no traditional dungeons.
  • You will see different climate zones in BD: deserts, cold regions with snow and traditional green valleys; each zone has unique weather. For example there are snow storms in cold regions and sand storms in deserts.
  • Developers paid a lot of attention to weather changes: the climate is not connected to the location. A storm can move from one area to the other.
  • Weather affects gameplay and character characteristics like his movement speed, accuracy and so on. The weather also affects the appearance. For example wet clothes look different.
  • Size of the world is approximately 2 times bigger than in Vanilla World Of Warcraft
  • There are no teleports; you will have to travel using mounts, ships and so on. There are no air mounts.

Characters, Races, Classes

  • Right now the following list of classes is announced Warrior (human-male – sword and shield warrior), Valkyria (human-female - sword and shield warrior), Ranger (elf-female - bow), Archer (elf-male - bow), Sorcerer (human-female – dark mage), Wizard (human-male - mage), Giant (giant – male – dual wield axes), Blader (human - male – swordsman without shield), Tamer (human- female - summoner);
  • Developers are going to add new classes after the release.
  • There is no healer class and support class in the game.
  • Giant and Blader will not have female analog; Tamer will not have male analog.
  • Classes are bounded to races.
  • There is no level cap in Black Desert, but after you reach 50th level your leveling speed will be decreased a lot.
  • Black Desert has one of the greatest character creation systems.

Combat System

  • Combat System in Black Desert is Non-Target. Player can block and doge attacks. There is also special combo system.
  • There are no head-shots and other special attacks that increase damage.
  • Different jumps and doge movements consume stamina only in combat.
  • Different classes require different types of energy: mages spend mana, archers – stamina.
  • There is no stealth class and stealth mechanics, but there is “invisible” mode. If you start sneaking before the combat starts your icon disappears from minimap, enemies will not see you on their minimaps and wll not see your nick in the game world.


  • All classes can use mounts.
  • It’s possible to fight sitting on a mount in both PvP/Sieges and PvE.
  • It’s possible to equip a mount with better gear (armor).
  • Mounts have their own leveling speed, skills and abilities. They also have attributes loke movement speed, armor and so on.
  • You can create a personal mount out of wild horse by teaching her (Taming). You will need special lasso for this.
  • If a mount is loaded with goods it can be killed by other players and the cargo can be taken.
  • There is a parking system which allows to park your mount in order to save it.
  • Each stable is independent and is not connected with others. You can’t leave your horse in one stable and take it from another.


  • Black desert is based on GvG (Guild VS Guild) and FFA-PvP (Free For All);
  • Right now any player can attack almost all other players in almost every location.
  • PvP mode becomes available from 40th level, but if you don’t want to wait you can complete special quiets and start PvP after 35th level.
  • If you die in PvP or PvE there is a chance to loose item from inventory. This item can be picked up by other player.
  • There is karma system: a player receives karma points for attacking players who don’t have PvP mode turned on. Karma affects chance of losing items upon death. The more Karma you have the higher the chance is.
  • It’s possible to resurrect in the nearest city or in your house. It’s also possible to resurrect near the place of your death if you have special item.
  • You can’t attack a player from your group or guild.
  • There will be arena in Black Desert.


  • Sieges are held in open world. There are no special restricted zones for this.
  • In order to participate in a siege, a guild has to set up special camp. Those who attack place the camp not far from castle, those who defend place the camp inside it.
  • The siege starts in a certain time and ends when the camp is destroyed. If the camp is not destroyed within 3 in-game days the siege will be stopped.
  • It’s great to be castle owner: he receives special taxes from all trading operations including trash loot selling to NPCs.
  • There are also wars for territories: a guild can build a citadel / tower on a territory to benefit from taxes. In order to control territory a guild has to destroy other citadels / towers.
  • It’s possible to respawn in such citadels.
  • Castle owners also receive income from those guilds that control territories.
  • There will be 8 castles on the map in total.
  • It’s possible to use different siege machinery during sieges.


  • Behavior of many NPCs depend on the time of day. For example NPCs do their work during daytime and rest in the night. But thieves can be found only in the night.
  • Your character has different relations with different NPCs. The relations can become better if you help NPCs and interact with them.
  • There are special “communication points” that can be used to increase your relations with certain NPC. These points recover automatically.
  • If the relations with a certain NPC are very good, he can give you extra quests, give you items, allow you to access extra items in the shop and so on.
  • It’s possible to hire NPC. He will help you on your factory or will protect your caravan.

PvE, Bosses, Quests

  • Some quests can be taken if your relations with this NPC are good.
  • Many quests will not be highlighted, meaning there will not be a special maqust mark above NPC or on the map. You will have to talk with NPC yourself to find the quest.
  • There are many different bosses in open world. Some of them are very strong and will require big groups.
  • Big bosses respawn pretty slowly: from 5 up to 15 hours. There will not be any notifications about this in the game.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Each class can use only specific type of weapon. You can’t equip and use weapons of other class.
  • Inventory is limited by weight.
  • Equipment has “durability” characteristic. If the durability is low the item appearance changes but it can be repaired.
  • There are equipment enchantments in Black Desert. You will need special “Black Stones” to enchant an item.
  • There are also special sockets that are used for gear improvements. Special gems created by Alchemists can be inserted in these sockets.
  • There are armor dyes that can change color of the gear.
  • It’s possible to craft the best gear, but ingredients and materials for this gear can be obtained from bosses.
  • Items are not bounded to character and can be easily traded / given to other players (excluding quest items and items purchased for Contribution Points.

Housing and Property

  • Houses in Black desert are like instances – they are situated in a separate “location”. It’s possible to rent a house for Contribution Points.
  • It’s impossible to build a house but you can set up your own small camp.
  • It’s possible to purchase different types of furniture to customize a house.
  • Furniture gives different buffs and access to different crafting stations. You can upgrade houses to access advanced crafting opportunities.

Trading and Resources

  • Different regions in Black desert are rich with different resources.
  • Global map plays very important role in trading – you can manage labor power using the map.
  • You can gather resources from special Nodes.
  • It’s possible to build a farm and hire NPCs which will help to gather resources and produce items. These workers have different characteristics that affect their efficiency.
  • The number of workers you can hire in the city depends on the level of your house in that city.
  • The workers, hired in a city / village can work on the territory near that city / village.
  • There is independent auction house in each capital.

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