Housing in Black Desert

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Housing is one of the main features in Black Desert. A house is not just a place where you can gather with your friends or guild. It’s a very important object for all crafters and merchants. Different crafting professions require different equipment and workbenches. It’s possible to access public workbenches, but you will have to pay every time you craft there. Serious crafters can place these workbenches in their own houses and use anytime.

Some houses will offer extra features like special areas for farming where you can grow fruits and vegetables to sell them to other players. Level of the fruits you grow affects the price.

Moreover, house allows you to trade with other guys. It’s possible to hire a special NPC trader and he will be selling your crafted stuff to other players. It’s possible to create a public store right into your house! Other players will be able to enter the store and trade with this NPC purchasing your armor, weapons, runes and so on.

How to Get a House?

There is no building system in Black Desert. Players can’t build their own houses. Everything is built and is waiting for players to come. The game offers several thousands of different placements a player can rent. If you rent a house you have to pay special fee every week.

If you don’t pay the fee all your property (items, workbenches and so on) will be sent to you via in-game mail and your house will become free. Any other player will be able to rent it.

How to Rent?

The number of houses / placements for renting is limited – only several thousand places are available. But the number of players on one server is much bigger. Thus not every player will have his own home. But how the game distributes the ownership? Everything is simple: houses and places for living are sold through special auction.
If there is a free house available, everybody can bid in order to be able to rent this house. A player with the highest bid gets the rights to rent this house.
Guilds can also participate in the auction. If a guild wins the auction it can own the house and use it as guild-hall. The rent will be paid from the guild funds.
NOTE: one player can own several houses. But Pearl Abyss said that it’s impossible to buy most of the property in the game with one character. There will not be monopolists and players will not be able to manipulate prices. Any details about how they are going to do this are unknown.


Your house is not just a place for crafting stations and NPCs. When you purchase a house it is empty and you can place a lot of different furniture there. You can decorate it to make it beautiful. It’s possible to place different cupboards, tables, carpets and other objects. There is special interface which allows you to add furniture.

Decorating a House

Some furniture can give temporary buffs to your character. You just need to approach an item and activate it. It’s another good advantage of having your own house with furniture.

Comments (5)

  1. alexandre 17 january 2016, 21:04 # 0
    «With instanced housing, you won’t be forced to compete with other players to get a location. „
    Source: black-desert.com/black-desert-features/
    I'd rather believe the official site than this one, isn't it so?
    1. Ghostyshrimp 16 february 2016, 04:43 # 0
      Not having to compete with other players for a location does not equate to not having a limited number of houses, it simply means you will not have to compete for a location, which is correct, cause houses are instanced, you are reading way to much into that statement and I would rely on what is being posted here which is much more thorough and detailed instead of the one quote you are going off of, which btw, is misleading for a reason i'm sure.
      1. Pootis 17 february 2016, 03:51 # 0
        So, in theory, could every player on a server own living space, or is there a limited of spots, which can all be taken, resulting in some players being unable to buy a home? I'm very confused because I feel like this and that other site say contradictory things.
        1. L0G1C 03 march 2016, 18:02 # 0
          Did you not read the article?

          «only several thousand places are available. But the number of players on one server is much bigger. Thus not every player will have his own home.»
    2. vonscience 05 april 2016, 07:42 # 0
      Created an account just to point out that for NA/EU, this article is 100% incorrect and no one should use this as fact. Houses are rented via contribution points, and instanced, there are no competitions or auctions.
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