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Hello guys! My name is Razor and I would like to tell you some information about this website. This website is dedicated to one of the most beautiful and anticipated MMO games – Black Desert Online. For those who don’t know: Black Desert is a Korean MMO with amazing graphics and rather interesting gameplay. Many of the game fans are looking forward to see this game and expect to have a lot of fun.

This website is a fan site – we are not affiliated with Pearl Abyss. Our goal is to make a place where any Black Desert fan or player can share his opinion or his gaming experience with others.

Right now every registered member can publish articles, news, guides, tips and other interesting information related to Black Desert. Our team will be filling BlackDesert.info with useful information but your help is very much appreciated. We would like to create a useful resource for all game fans, and your articles or guides will help other players a lot. Doesn’t matter how big your guide is - any information is great. Other Black Desert players will read your publications. It’s a great way to help others and become more famous in the community.

Welcome to BlackDesert.info! Hope this community will become your Black Desert home.

Black Desert Online
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