Interview With GameNet - Publisher of Black Desert in Russia

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This is a translation of interview with GameNet - Publisher of Black Desert in Russia. This interview was published on the Russian Black Desert website and we hope that you will find some useful information in it.

Please, tell us more about your company.

GameNet is a game developer with great experience. We have developed a lot of games together. Back in 2010 when we launched our first project – Aika – we had only 20 people in our company. Right now there are more than 100 specialists in our team. We have all kind of specialists required for this work. We have a lot of experience that will help us to launch such a big project like Black Desert. Each game, developed by our team is important for us and Black Desert is not an exception. BD launch will be one of the most important events and we are sure you will be satisfied with the game.

How the process of localization is going and when to expect Black Desert in Russia?

We have already translated a part of the interface and quests. We are waiting for the information about locations and items. After we get this information we will start translating. We also need to translate all dialogues and videos. There are a lot of things to do and it is a big amount of work. That’s why it’s difficult to predict when the translation will be finished. We expect to finish the translation by November 2014 and launch first part of Russian beta in early 2015.

How are you going to protect the game from bots?

We are going to protect game from bots by cooperating with Pearl Abyss. We will provide the information about all errors and violations to Pearl Abyss in order to help them to fix bugs that can be used by bots. We also have our own system of protection that makes the process of hacking accounts much more difficult. This system protects from many types of modern cheat-engines and bots. We have everything to protect the game.

Tell us more about closed Beta in Russia.

We are going to hold several closed beta stages and one public. It’s a usual practice and there will not be anything special there. After the closed beta is finished, all gathered feedback will be sent to game developers to make the game even better. We will also hold stress test to test our hardware.

What will there be in the in-game shop?

We are going to take the monetization model from Pearl Abyss and make some changes. In general our model will be the same to the model used on Korean version. Right now it’s too early to speak about details. We can just tell you some basic facts. Out company doesn’t like the idea of "Pay-to-win" models, we like classic F2P that doesn’t affect the balance. One of the most important tasks for us is not to break in-game economy with the model we offer. So we pay a lot of attention to it.

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One of the most important information for me here is about payment model. The game will be F2P in Russia and we can also expect it to be F2P in Europe/America. Some players may like it, others may not. But anyway the chances to see this model are very high.

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