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More and more information about Black Desert is told by GameNet – publisher of the game in Russia. Here is another portion of new information.

1 We know that there will be separate PvE server. There will also be world PvP but with mush stronger penalties for killing other players. Is this correct? Will a casual player be able to craft and live without taking part in PvP?

GameNet: Well, we haven’t make a final decision about the rules and penalties for PvP server. There were a lot of ideas: to switch off world PvP and allow sieges, to add a special PvP mode that can be switched by a player and so on. We will most likely use the system you could see at CBT 3 in Korea: increased penalties for PK and access to PvP after 40th level. Such system will not change the game too much but will allow PvE players to enjoy the game. It is impossible to play and not to participate in PvP at all.
Right now we have a lot to discuss with Black Desert developers and may change these rules in future.

2 We could see new water transport: rafts. We also know that there are new islands on the map. Can we expect to see big battle ships and water encounters?

GameNet: Pearl Abyss announced water battles with ships. More information will be published later.

3 Tell us more about pets. We saw different cats but they don’t have special skills and don’t help player. Will these pets become useful?

GameNet: You are right, right now all pets don’t help player. But this may be changed in future. For example your pets may help to collect loot.

4 What about console version?
GameNet: We are going to release the game for PCs first. More information about console version will be published later.

5 Can you make regular publications of in game screenshots with Russian translation? This may help players to get familiar with interface.
GameNet: Yes, we are going to do it. Right now we are working with translation and we will start publishing screenshots after we finish it.

6 Now let’s talk about F&F test. You told that it will begin on the 28th of November. How many players will take part there?

GameNet: Right now we can’t tell the exact number of players we are going to invite. I can only tell that most of the participants will be selected manually according to the goal of testing. You need to be an active participant of our community to maximize your chances to be selected.

7 You announced that you will be holding different in game events. Can you tell us more about this? Will we see new year tree in Calpheon? :)
GameNet: We are going to hold different events created by both Pearl Abyss and by our team. But we can’t tell details right now.
8 And the last question: is there a game that can compete with Black Desert in terms of graphics, gameplay and so on?
GameNet: Well, different players have different tastes. Black Desert has several unique features and is different from other MMO games. Most of the players will like the game.
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