Black Desert Will be Released in 2015

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We are all waiting for the release of Black Desert Online. More and more information about the game becomes available and it’s time to collect all info about the game launch dates. This article will tell you about the release schedule of Pearl Abyss.

1 Pearl Abyss is going to release the game in Korea first. Korean release will take place in 2014.

2 They are also planning to start close beta testing in Russia in 2014. It looks like this beta will take place in November. GameNet – publisher of Black Desert in Russia – will hold their first Friends and Family test in late November. They announced that this test will begin on the 28th of November and only small number of testers will be invited.

3 After this, developers are going to start Alpha and Beta testing for European and American players. The first Closed Beta will be held in early 2015. There is no information about how many close tests will be held. But Open Beta will take place before the game launch anyway.

4 Russian and European releases will be in 2015. Right now there is no information about the exact dates.

5 The game will also be launched in China but this will be after EU/NA launch.

As you see European players will be able to play the game in 2015. European client will be launched after Korean and Russian. Pearl Abyss told that Russian market is very important for them and it looks like they will make Russian version before English. Russian Beta starts before the European, so Russian release will also be 1 or 2 months earlier.

On our opinion it’s rather good. Just imagine: there will be 2 big releases before European (in Korea and in Russia). This will help game developers to polish their engine and fix a lot of small bugs. You will be able to enjoy the game and nothing will interrupt you.

Many players don’t like when they face with simple bugs like NPS inactivity or lack of quest items. These bugs are not global but affect overall atmosphere a lot. Most of the MMO games have such bugs in the beginning. Late release means that developers will have time for fixing these small issues.

What to do?

If you are waiting for Black Desert and want to play as soon as possible you may try to opt into the Russian open Beta when it starts. We will probably add a guide about how to connect to Russian game servers and participate in Russian Beta. But it’s not the best variant. You will face with many difficulties because of language. It’s better to wait until the EU/NA Beta starts. You will be able to test the game without any difficulties.
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