Black Desert Online Gameplay from Closed Beta (HD with Max Settings)

Author: Razor / In Community Creations
This amazing video demonstrates all beauty of the game. I highly recommend to watch this video with the highest quality in order to see all the details.

One of the most noticeable things: size of the world is really big. Most MMO games have smaller locations and all objects are situated close to each other. In Black Desert all objects are located much more naturally and there is a lot of free space. Trees are big and mountains are looking gorgeous.

If TESO developers made something like this, the game would be much more successful. The size of the world in Black Desert Online reminds me the size of the world in Skyrim. And that’s great! I am looking forward to see this game.

But there is one think I don’t like: combo animation is too bright and fast. There are a lot of very fast movements and I personally don’t like it.
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